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Rifled Barrel

Yes, that's right, rifled PVC!

Rifled PVC makes spud guns safer by improving accuracy.  I have a 1.5" barrel on one of my older guns, and I love it!  It looks so awesome.  I think it is one of my favorite accessories for my spud gun.

Rifling is a pretty easy concept, but actually describing the ballistics of the ammo is very difficult.  Basically how it works is that it spins the spud in the barrel and as the spud exits it continues spinning.  It works on the same premise as throwing a "spiral" in football.  

The ONLY place in the world to get one of these is at the Spud Gun Technology Center.  This is a very sweet addition to any gun.  Joel (the owner of the SGTC) can rifle 1.5" SCH 40, 2" SCH 40, or 2" SCH 80 PVC.

In the breech loading barrel section of my site I have pics of the rifled breech loading barrel I bought From Joel at the SGTC.

Also, just recently spudtech has started offering clear rifled barrels!

New!  Antique Riffling Machine Pics!

The only pic of the hallowed rifling machine.

Click Here to Buy Rifled PVC from SGTC


pics on this page courtesy of the SGTC


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