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Painting Techniques

I will explain painting spudguns using two methods, and then go into some painting procedures.  

Painting Methods

The first is using Krylon Fusion spray paint.  As you may know Krylon recently came out with Fusion, a paint made specifically for plastics.  Krylon bonds to the plastic and becomes chip resistant after 7 days cure time.  Fusion paint even lists PVC as a material on the can... Ladies and Gentleman we have found the Mecca of spudgun paint!  To paint with Fusion I washed my gun with soap and water in the bathtub.  I towel dried it, and let it dry overnight.  Krylon recommends that you wipe new or shiny plastics (like your PVC) with paint thinner before application.  After the thinner is dry, it's time to go to work!  If you have never spray painted, I suggest you practice on a scrap piece before painting your spudgun so you will avoid runs.  Also it is a good idea to follow the directions on the can.  I lightly misted the PVC with paint, the first layer will come nowhere close to covering all the white pipe.  I just kept misting until it was as dark as I needed.  This is not the proper way to paint, but I have found that it will work perfectly once you master the technique.  Basically you are supposed to wait between layers of paint, but I do not, instead I make my layers extremely thin.  When you are done let the paint cure for 7 days to ensure a chip resistant finish.

The second method is using ordinary spray paint.  Ordinary paint is not very durable for spudguns, even the enamel spray paint.  It can work, but not as good as fusion.  Basically the painting is the same procedure, but you must rough up the PVC with fine grit sandpaper, then use primer.  Primer helps the paint to adhere, and is applied the same way spray paint is applied.  Next apply the paint over the primer.  Make sure to follow the directions on the cans for drying times, recoat, etc.

Painting Procedures

When painting a multi-colored paint job, you must paint the lighter colors first, and paint the darker colors last.  Basically if you can, you should paint from lightest to darkest.  This allows you to have lighter colors that are unaffected by the dark colors.  It also saves paint.

You may wonder how in the heck I painted the flames.  One could use an airbrush, but you would need an airbrush.  I used contact paper to mask off the flames.  I drew the design on the white contact paper and then cut out the flames with an X-acto knife.  Contact paper is the best paint masking I have ever used, it has perfect tack, and will not leave sticky residue on your project.  It releases great, and it is waterproof, meaning the paint will not bleed through.

To mask off large areas use the slick newspaper that store ads come on.

I made a paint stand, simply out of an old table that I turned upside down.  I then put the spudgun over the leg.  I painted the chamber and the barrels separate.  You can screw old fittings, or barrels into the threads of your launcher to keep paint from building up on the threads.  


Quadzilla, painted with Krylon Fusion paint.




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