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Multiple Sparks

Potato guns can benefit from having multiple spark ignition.  Here are a the wiring details:

Multiple sparks:  I have heard that 3 sparks increase efficiency by 30% compared to single sparks.  This has recently came into debate and is being tested on the Burnt Latke web site.  I am confident that they do improve power, and I think this is even more apparent on longer chambers.  A BBQ igniter can make 2 sparks, but if you want to get some seriously powerful multiple sparks I suggest going with a stun gun.  My chamber currently has 4 sparks.  At first I had the hardest time trying to figure out how to get two or more sparks.  When wiring multiple sparks they must be wired in a series.  The following pics should explain how to do this. 

To get 1 spark

To get 2 sparks

To get 3 sparks

To get 4 sparks

It makes no difference which is negative and positive.


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