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Untested Ammo Ideas

CO2 rocket

This is my plan for a CO2 rocket.  I haven't figured out sizes of pipe, as it is just a concept drawing.  Basically this whole assembly goes in the barrel of the gun.  When you fire the gun, the bottom half (shown in smoke colored glass) will slide upwards, which will pierce the CO2 with the needle.  What I hope would happen is that the spud gun will launch this whole assembly, but the CO2 should go higher and leave the launching device since it is being propelled.  This idea seems to work on paper, but it is hard to tell how well it would actually work.  The CO2 cartridge could also be fitted with a nose cone and wings for more stability in flight.



Parachute ammo

This is kind of crude, but I believe it is a way to get parachute ammo without using explosives to separate the parachute from the body.  The assembly is made up of a top cap which very loosely fits inside of the bottom cap.  The green parachute (I know it looks crappy) is folded up inside of the two and is attached by a string to the top half.  The I-bolt is firmly attached to the bottom half and has a thin rope tied to it.  The rope will tie to an anchor on the ground.  When the rope reaches the end the top cap should fly off, and the winds should open up the parachute.  The parachute would have to be a strong, yet lightweight material.  This whole thing is a concept, so no pipe dimensions are given.  As with the CO2 ammo, this seems as if it should work, but it is still untested.


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