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Golf Ball Barrel

This is my golf ball barrel.  The white inside pipe is thin wall SDR-21 pipe.  SDR-21 is ideal for golf balls, and when they are dropped in, it takes about 2-3 seconds for them to fall to the end of the barrel.  SDR-21 is difficult to find, with most suppliers requiring a minimum order of 1000ft.  SDR-21, being thin wall, would not be safe for use in spudguns by itself, but here is the beauty of the pipe: it fits perfectly into 2" SCH 80 PVC.  2" SCH 80 is pressure rated at 400 PSI, so the barrel is more than safe for usage when sleeved.  

I attached a male cam lever coupling to the end of the barrel, to easily attach it to my gun, I was extremely lucky, here's why: the cam lever coupling is about the same size as the SDR-21, so the golf ball will roll back into the coupling a little ways, the coupling has a very slight taper, so when the golf ball is loaded, it seats itself in the coupling, and can be tipped upside down without the golf ball rolling out.  


Pic of the end of the barrel

Pic showing the fit, the dark ring is actually a shadow, it fits tighter than it looks!

Cam lever I was lucky!
(The barrel is being held vertically)

 I would be scared to think of how many millions of dollars have been invested in research to get golf balls to go farther, as a result, they are a much better projectile than the humble spud.  They are also cheaper believe it or not.  I bought this box of 300 for $15, they also had boxes for $10, but they were pretty crappy.  I bought the old range balls from a local golf course.  Another local course is going to save them and give them to me for FREE!!!!  YAY!

My golf balls, I had already shot about 30 of them.

One other thing I would like to mention.  To store golf balls, just load your barrel full and put an end cap on the muzzle end, mine holds 37 that way.  That way you don't have to carry a box of balls to the range.


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