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  Burst Disk Attachment

Burst disks are about the easiest thing you could make for a spud gun.  These help improve performance on guns with short barrels.  They help counteract the affects of a less than ideal C:B ratio.  Tests have found that one layer will improve most spud guns the best.  

One reason you may want to make a burst disk  attachment, even if you could care less about C:B ratios and performance, is that they are great for making extremely loud noise!  Just put painting tape, or any thing for that matter over the male threads and screw the barrel over the threads.  Just shoot as normal with no spud loaded.   I guarantee it will be the loudest shot you have ever heard, I haven't even heard firecrackers this loud, or real guns for that matter!  Its about the best noisemaker you could have!


This spud gun has a 2" male adapter coming off the chamber.  So I used these parts: 2" Female adapter, 2" to 1.5" bushing, and a 2" male adapter.  The male adapter is a spigot type adapter, so it fits directly into the bushing.

If your gun uses a screw on 1.5" barrel, such as my green hornet gun, you don't even need the adapter.  Very Simple!

Plans for breech loading burst disk adapter coming soon....(you could probably figure it out though, its pretty simple!)

For burst disk test results click here!



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